The Legislature of North Dakota just imposed the property and income tax cut, the biggest in the history of the state, that is worth more than half a billion dollars.

If full support from the voters of Dakota will be gathered next year to go for a campaign for a constitutional initiative to eliminate the property tax, then taxpayers will not be burdened anymore.

A petition drive to obtain over 31,000 signatures so as to qualify for the proposed amendment to go on the ballot just took a significant step forward, according to the report of Bismarck Tribune.


Former North Dakota representative, Rick Becker, said to  KFYR-TV that there’s more than enough state revenue to cover up the loss of property tax dollars. (PHOTO: The Bismarck Tribune)


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Campaign Drive to Remove the Tax

This campaign of North Dakota tracks a successful petition drive last year for the amendment of the state’s constitution to set term limits on lawmakers and the governor.

But there will be for sure a repulsive drive if supporters can obtain enough signatures to place property tax measures on the ballot for next year.

North Dakotans would be very happy to experience a permanent tax cut by voting for the elimination of property taxes. But the opposite thing happened in the past when this topic had been brought out.

Once the required signatories will be gathered, the chance for North Dakota taxpayers to eliminate property taxes will be indicated in the ballot.

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