The Southern Poverty Law Center boasted that it had identified 1,225 groups in the US that were considered as hate and antigovernment according to National Review.

SPLC recently mainstreamed parents’ groups to its “Hate Map”. The mainstreamed groups include Parents’ Rights in Education, No Left Turn In Education, Parents Defending Education and Moms For Liberty.

Based on the report of National Review, SPLC identified 1,225 hate and antigovernment groups all over US. These groups were labeled as antigovernment for  these offended the SPLC’s vision of society.

It also includes a much larger number of mainstreamed public-policy groups that the SPLC has decided are antigovernment merely because they took widely held positions that just happen to offend the SPLC’s radically left-wing vision of society.

SPLC recently mainstreamed parents’ groups to its “Hate Map”. (PHOTO: Fox News )

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Definition of Antigovernment According To SPLC

SPLC labeled the groups that defended parents’ rights that have  say in the education of their children as antigovernment.

But what is the meaning of antigovernment in accordance to the point-of-view of SPLC?

SPLC defined antigovernment as  groups that engaged in antigovernment acts like Branch Davidian compound tragedy on 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Antigovernment literally means, the acts committed by militias, cults, terrorists and the like. But SPLC added that those groups that had opposed “critical race theory” in education and had spread “conspiracies on government’s role towards education” were also labeled as “antigovernment groups”.

Many argued that the definition of antigovernment given by SPLC was incoherent especially in using the definition to mainstraemed parents’ groups to its hate map.

Despite of this, SPLC continued degrading civil discourse by reasoning out that its political opponents are hatemongers.

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