Aaliyah Gonzalez, 18, and Kylis Fagbemi, 20, perished in what is thought to be the deadliest mass shooting Baltimore has ever seen on Sunday.

Aaliyah Gonzalez, 18, and Kylis Fagbemi, 20, were shot dead while attending a block party over the weekend. Another 28 people were injured in the mass shooting. (Source: METRO CRIME STOPPERS OF MARYLAND FACEBOOK)

Baltimore Police Department Reports

The Baltimore Sun reports that the two dead victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Baltimore have been identified, albeit the city is still reeling from the attack, which left 28 other people injured and is thought to be the largest mass shooting in Baltimore’s recorded history.

According to a news release from the Baltimore Police Department, Kylis Fagbemi, 20, died from gunshot wounds after being taken to a nearby hospital, and Aaliyah Gonzalez, 18, was pronounced dead at the site.

According to authorities, the 28 victims were given gunshot wound treatment at facilities throughout the city. As of Sunday afternoon, nine individuals were still in the hospital, according to the police, who also noted that some victims were still in severe condition. The Baltimore mass shooting is one of 340 mass shootings that the Gun Violence Archive has counted in the United States so far this year. The organization defines a mass shooting as one in which more than four persons are shot.

Within hours of the mass shooting, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said at a press conference, “This is an absolute tragedy that did not have to happen.” “It once again emphasizes the impact and the need to address the overabundance of illegal guns on our streets and the accessibility of those who should not possess them.”

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Mass Shooting Motives Undetermined

According to Scott, Baltimore police have captured 1,345 illicit firearms so far this year, with the majority coming into Maryland from outside the state. When discussing situations like this, Scott added, “We must never forget that these are people who chose to pull the trigger.” But because they had access to illegal guns, they were given that option. Around 12:35 a.m., numerous 911 calls were made reporting gunfire at the block party. Sunday. According to officials, all but five of the 28 survivors who were shot range in age from 13 to 32.

At least two shooters are still on the loose, according to Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Rich Worley, who also noted that several law enforcement organizations are looking into the shooting’s motivation during a press conference on Sunday. He stated of the victims, “We don’t know if they were targeted, or if they were just randomly shooting down the street,” about the gunmen.

After combing the area, K-9 teams found numerous different shot casings, according to the police. To help with the inquiry, the commissioner requested that neighborhood members give over any films, including those captured by door security cameras. Police are using recordings they’ve already gathered, particularly those uploaded to social media, to try to identify suspects. The incident has not yet resulted in any arrests. The incident took place on the 800 block of Gretna Court in Baltimore’s Brooklyn, a neglected neighborhood with some of the highest rates of violent crime and unemployment in the city, according to city officials.

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