The suspects responsible for the shooting that lead to 6 injured people in Milwaukee are finally arrested

Juneteenth shooting aftermath investigation in Milwaukee

Juneteenth Shooting

The second suspect was arrested for shooting six people after a Juneteenth celebration in Milwaukee. The 17 and 19 years old male suspects were immediately arrested after the shooting.

The shooting happened just outside the Greater Philadelphia Church of God in Christ right after the Juneteenth celebration on Monday, June 19, 2023. The shooting incident lead to injuring six people, specifically girls aged 14-18 years old, along with the alleged shooters. Fortunately, they were not seriously injured and are recovering.

According to the investigation, it started with a fight between some young women and then escalated leading to the shooting.

After the tragic event, several paramedics came to the area to treat the wounded victims as shown on one of the Facebook live videos. The victims are carefully given first aid for gunshot wounds on the pavement of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive which was very busy 20 minutes earlier.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers quoted on Tuesday; “It’s just freaking heartbreaking. We have to do better as parents. We have to do better as adults in the community.” This is just one of the many shootings happening across the states this holiday.

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Mass Shooting Across the US

Mass shootings in the US are not new for US citizens, but the violence can leave a huge trauma for the people around it and in that very situation. These shootings can happen anywhere, whether in cities or rural areas.

This past weekend alone, there have been reports of shootings in Chicago where there were at least 60 shots; 4 were shot in Idaho, an ambush that killed a state trooper in Pennsylvania, and in Missouri where 12 were shot and one of them died.

There are many reasons why these things happen. It can be a dispute among adolescents where instead of fist fighting, they would use firearms, the prevalence of gun use in the US, or lack of authorities.

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