Tennessee man was accused of a rampage shooting that killed his estranged wife and three children, including two others.

Rampage shooting – murder-suicide case in Tennesse | Law and Crime

Tennessee shooting incident

Gary Barnett went on a rampage, shooting and killing his estranged wife, Regina Barnett, his adult daughter, Brittany Perez, and other unidentified children. They were found dead by the authorities on Thursday night in Chatanooga. The police arrived at the scene and saw the residence was set ablaze by gunshots. According to Marion County Sheriff Burnette, it was unclear if the other children died because of the shooting. He stated that the murder-suicide crime started in a domestic crisis which was one of the worst things he had ever seen in his entire life.

During the rescue and response, firefighters found the remains of his wife, three adults, and three children inside their home. According to Law and Crime, authorities have found one survivor of the shooting incident and was rushed to the hospital. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation gathered the remains of other victims and took taken to Nashville for further investigation and autopsies.

Their neighbors mentioned that before the incident, the couple was fighting. Officers also stated that they had been to the place before for reports of domestic violence. The wife warned the court about her husband threatening to shoot her. According to her, he had 50-60 guns inside his room, and she was afraid he would get drunk and hit her after verbally and physically abusing her.

The suspect committed suicide after killing the victims to end his domestic violence troubles.

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