On June 17, officers arrested a woman who was evading arrest and hid on one of the famous roller coasters in Disneyland.

VIDEO: Woman Hides at Big Thunder Mountain to Avoid Arrest After Sneaking into Disneyland - WDW News Today
Woman Hides at Big Thunder Mountain to Avoid Arrest After Sneaking into Disneyland – WDW News Today

Woman Allegedly Entered Disneyland

In Anaheim, California, a woman was in a less-than-magical situation when she tried to avoid getting arrested at Disneyland. The incident occurred when the woman allegedly entered the theme park without paying by jumping over the turnstiles. Local authorities were alerted and quickly arrived at the scene on June 17.

Officers from the Anaheim Police Department apprehended the woman near the famous roller coaster attraction, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, at the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Trail. A TikTok video captured the moment officers were seen walking through Frontierland, escorting the woman out of the park with her hands behind her back.

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As said by the reports from True Crime Daily, the woman is now being accused of defrauding an innkeeper, which could lead to a maximum of six months in county jail and a substantial fine if she is found guilty. Disneyland charges between $159 and $179 for a one-day adult ticket, depending on the day of the week. This incident serves as a reminder that trying to avoid paying the park’s entrance fees will not be ignored or tolerated. Disneyland, one of the most famous amusement parks globally, takes the security of its premises seriously to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Disneyland officials, working closely with local law enforcement, stay alert to preserve order and enforce the park’s policies. This occurrence emphasizes the significance of adhering to Disneyland’s and similar venues’ rules and regulations to guarantee visitors a pleasant and lawful experience.

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