Cops detained a teenager in the Bronx for reportedly shooting down an aspiring rapper out of envy, according to the victim’s mother.

Antoine Strong (Source: Gunmemorial)

Mother’s Sympathy on Son’s Death

According to the mother’s victim Renee Antoine who is 43 years old, his son’s music was about to take off, and his friends were jealous of where he is right now. He falsely friended the wrong people; he included persons in his circle who can’t be trusted.

Carlos Veras 19 years old, was arrested on murder and criminal possession of firearm charges after shooting the victim named Antoine Strong on College Avenue near E. 170th Street on May 31, according to cops. Veras was with two accomplices when he approached Strong and shot him in the stomach at 9:55 p.m. Police said responders took Strong to Lincoln Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

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The Beginning Strong’s Career Ended Shortly

The music career of Strong starts early this year it took off when he started to work as a music producer in an unpublished company name. Strong earned a diploma from the Urban Dove Academy, a high school for older pupils who had fallen behind in their studies. As early as 11 years old, Strong already started rapping according to her mother.

According to Nelson, his lyrics celebrated life on the streets and the type of gun violence that would finally cost his life, she described the current generation as crazy.

Strong has two older brothers and a younger sister who assisted in helping their mother overcome the brokenness of losing a child.

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