A man who alleges Kevin Spacey verbally assaulted him and grabbed his crotch on Thursday refuted charges made by the Hollywood star’s attorney that he had invented the assault allegations, saying he had kept the “horrific” episode under wraps for years.

Actor Kevin Spacey arrives at Southwark Crown Court where he was accused of sexual offenses against 4 men while he worked at the Old Vic Theatre in London (Source: AP news/ Associated Press)

Sex Assault Charges on Kevin Spacey

According to the released report from AP News, one of four people, including this man, claim that the two-time Academy Award winner assaulted them in Britain between 2001 and 2013. Spacey served as artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre in London for the majority of that tenure.

On 12 counts, including sexual assault charges, indecent assault, and inciting another person to engage in impermissible penetrative sexual behavior, Spacey, 63, is on trial in a London court. All of the accusations are denied by him, and according to his attorney, Spacey’s accusers may be after financial compensation.

The third alleged victim who testified claimed that Spacey grabbed him by the crotch like a cobra backstage at a London theater during a charity event in the early 2000s after spraying him with a machine-gun barrage of nasty verbal abuse.

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Accusers’ Testimony

Patrick Gibbs, Spacey’s attorney, claimed during cross-examination that several aspects of the accuser’s testimony were completely untrue. The individual, who gave testimony out of the public’s view and cannot be named under British law, responded, “With the greatest respect, you weren’t there and I was.” “It was awful. And nobody has ever spoken to me in that manner.” The experience, according to him, left him feeling degraded and like he was worthless.

The person denied the lawyer’s claim that he wanted to profit from his interactions with Spacey. When questioned about his silence at the time, the accuser said that he was afraid of becoming the issue because, in the words of actor Kevin Spacey, a shining light of the West End.

The third man to accuse Spacey of violently grabbing his crotch has come forward, and the actor has been dubbed a predatory sexual bully by the prosecution.

The fourth accuser will testify next week in front of the jury, which consists of nine men and three women. The trial got underway last week in Southwark Crown Court in London, and it’s supposed to go on for over a month.

If found guilty, Spacey, who is currently out on unconditional bail, may receive a prison sentence.

He headed London’s Old Vic from 2004 to 2015 and was one of Hollywood’s top figures before sexual assault charges ended his career. Spacey earned an Oscar for best-supporting actor for the 1995 movie “The Usual Suspects” and a lead actor Oscar for the 1999 picture “American Beauty.”

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