Abuse of Power

A lawsuit about the abuse of power by the House Speaker in North Carolina has been in hearing after finding out that the House Speaker has been having an illicit affair with a married woman and allegedly has done group sex with other individuals in return for political favors.

Illicit Affairs
North Carolina House Speaker has been caught having an affair with a married woman as well as being accused of having group sex for political favors. (Photo: Inquirer.net)

Abuse of Power by The House Speaker

Tim Moore, the House Speaker for North Carolina, is entangled in a lawsuit together with Jamie Liles Lassiter, the wife of former Apex Town Council member Scott Lassiter, for having an affair as well as having a sexual relationship with each other. The former Apex Town Council member has stated that Moore aggressively pursued the relationship with his wife and has also revealed that the House Speaker has set cameras through an unidentified individual to be used against the former council member in the future.

According to a published article in Law and Crime, Scott Lassiter stated that the affair has been going on for three years, he first started to hear rumors and decided to follow his wife who said that she was going to the movies with a friend. He later found out that his wife met up with Moore and had sexual intercourse in his residence in Raleigh. Mrs. Lassiter then revealed everything to her husband the following morning and stated that she feared that ending her relationship with Tim Moore would result in losing her job.  The married couple ultimately ended their relationship. Scott Lassiter has also confronted Tim Moore about it but the latter decided to use his power against the former council member. Moore’s attorney has also denied the accusations as well as Jamie Lassiter who reportedly wrote “Our marriage was a nightmare, and since I left him it has gotten worse. We are reaching the end of our divorce process and this is how he’s lashing out.”

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