In a shocking child abuse case in Stillwater, Oklahoma, authorities discovered a residence filled with unimaginable filth and deplorable living conditions.

Bodycam: Sexual assault allegation uncovers house of filth
Sexual assault allegation uncovers house of filth | Law&Crime

Child abuse

Three adults now face charges of child neglect and sexual assault. Bodycam footage obtained by Law&Crime exposes the disturbing scenes encountered by law enforcement officers during the investigation. The footage reveals handprints of excrement smeared all over the room, a living room carpet soaked with urine and feces, and an unbearable stench that made breathing difficult. The child’s bedroom was particularly distressing, with feces smeared on the walls and a sheet covering a large hole in the drywall. A 4-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy shared the room, which lacked toys and displayed signs of their involvement in the fecal smearing.

Steven Zackariah Kittle, aged 35, was initially arrested for child sexual abuse and later charged with child neglect. His wife, Lindsey Nichole Pratt, and his mother, Robin Jean Kittle, were also arrested on multiple counts of child neglect. Additional footage captures Steven Kittle’s arrest on sexual assault charges, with his shocking reaction caught on camera.

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The video documents an officer’s visceral response to the horrendous environment, including spitting and gagging due to the overpowering smell. The investigation revealed three children, six dogs, and three cats living in squalor, with the children displaying developmental delays and lacking potty training.

Steven Kittle admitted to sexually assaulting the 4-year-old girl while the 1-year-old boy witnessed the acts. The children have been taken into the Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody.

Steven Kittle is currently detained on a $150,000 bond, while Lindsey Nichole Pratt and Robin Jean Kittle are held on a $30,000 bond each. This unfortunate case highlights the importance of identifying and addressing child abuse, underscoring the critical role of law enforcement and child welfare agencies in safeguarding vulnerable children.

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