A 32-year-old father was accused of fatally shooting and ‘slaughtering’ his 3 young sons pleaded not guilty.

Ohio: Father pleads not guilty to shooting dead three sons 'execution-style' | US News | Metro News
Father pleads not guilty to shooting dead three sons ‘execution-style’ | US News | Metro News

Dad Pleads Not Guilty

In Clermont County, Ohio, a 32-year-old father has entered a plea of not guilty to 21 charges, which include aggravated murder, first-degree kidnapping, and felonious assault. Chad Doerman appeared in court on June 23 after a tragic incident occurred on June 15, involving his three young sons.

According to prosecutors, Doerman is accused of killing his 4-year-old son, Hunter, inside their home. He then proceeded to shoot his 7-year-old son, Clayton, who attempted to escape but was tragically shot down. Lastly, Doerman allegedly took his 3-year-old son, Chase, from his wife’s arms and fatally shot him in the head.

According to True Crime Daily, in the unfortunate incident, the mother of the children also suffered a gunshot wound to her hand while trying to shield her sons. This heinous crime sparked an immediate and decisive reaction from the authorities and emergency services.

Mark Tekulve, the prosecutor, firmly stated his intention to pursue the death penalty for Doerman, emphasizing his desire to see justice served for the brutal murder of these three innocent boys.

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