E-Bike fire in Chinatown

A repair shop of e-bikes in Manhattan Chinatown is said to be taking a chance on people’s lives after repeatedly having fire incidents not too long after each other.

Lithium ion battery sparks fire
Lithium-ion battery sparks fire in an e-bike repair shop in Manhattan Chinatown. (Photo: New York Times)

Taking A Chance On People’s Lives

A fire caused by a lithium-ion battery sparked through an e-bike repair shop in Manhattan Chinatown causing four Chinatown residents their untimely death as well as several different people running for their lives. In nine months, it is said that it was the second time a fire broke out and was blamed on the lithium-ion battery. According to an employee of a deli shop next door, the owner of the said repair shop didn’t care about the other people living in the building as if he was taking a chance on the innocent lives that could be harmed in the long run.

In a published article by Daily News, a neighbor stated that the e-bike shop was always busy and packed with dangerous e-bikes, he has also crammed bikes inside his shop and even in large sidewalk sheds making it impossible for people who visit the shop to escape if ever a catastrophe unfolds. When the first fire was reported, witnesses stated that the shop owner went out of the shop as if it was a normal reoccurrence. One firefighter suffered minor injuries while the other victims were taken to three different hospitals.

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