A man from Ohio confessed to shooting his own three sons. Based on the news released by the People, Chaed Doerman 32-year-old from Ohio confessed to the murder execution of his three sons, and the mother of the three children is left injured. The man is now facing murder charges.


Three Innocent Boys Shot and Killed

His sons ages seven, four, and three he lined up all three of them and shot. One of them was trying to escape, but the father was able to hunt down his attempting son from escaping. Right after he caught him, he shot him.

Last Thursday, June 15, on the reports released by the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, around 4:15 p.m., a screaming woman in line 911 that her babies had been shot. After three minutes, a driver called 911 reporting a child running down the street while screaming that their father is shooting everyone.

Deputies immediately rushed into the 1900 block of Laurel Rd. in Monroe Township. As they arrived at the address, they saw Doerman sitting down next to his rifle. He was reprimanded by the deputy to stand up. The deputy pulled him to the ground handcuffing the suspect. As deputies inspected their house, there they found the three children lying down unresponsive. The response team immediately perform CPR on the victims but there was no hope for them. Sheriff’s office stated that the bodies were dead after being shot.

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Based on Police Report

Doerman was arrested without a warrant and taken to Sheriff’s office for further questions. Doerman is now facing three counts of aggravated murder. He was taken to Clermont County Jail and held with a bond of $20 million.

The mother of the three dead children was allegedly shot in the hand while trying to protect his boys from their killer father. She got a non-life-threatening injury and was sent to the nearest hospital for treatment. The deputies met with her in the hospital talking about what happened and saying that his three sons were all dead.

David Gast, head of the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Division said in court that Doerman confessed to killing his three boys. He had already planned the shooting months ago. Gast was in denial of what he had heard. He said that Doerman brought so much trauma to his family, to the respondents, to the law enforcers, and to all others who have no idea of what is going on. He added that what Doerman just did was impossible to process, knowing that their father killed his three own sons. The children believed that their father was their world, their guardian, their father was supposed to be the one who will protect them from any harm, but he executed them instead.

Keith Doerman, the father of Chaed Doerman, stated that he was hoping to talk with his son but the deputies are not letting him. It could be that there was something that is going on and maybe he was not able to handle it anymore.

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