The Family of a teenager who was abused in Florida hospital files charges to seek justice.

Maya Kowalski, 17, was allegedly held captive and subjected to abuse in a Florida hospital (Netflix) (Source: Meaww)

Teenage Abused and Mistreated at the Hospital

Based on the news released by Meaww, Lawyers for the family of a teenage girl who was allegedly confined and mistreated, and abused at a Florida hospital have filed charges to provide the angry family with justice. The incident occurred when Maya Kowalski was just 10 years old, according to the family’s legal lawyers, and was described as an instance of abduction, imprisonment, and maltreatment.

Doctors at the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, charged Maya’s parents with making symptoms of her crippling disability, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which led to her placement in state care for three months. Maya is now 17 years old. Beata’s mother was falsely charged with Munchausen by proxy (MSP), a type of child abuse in which the one who takes care of the child, or under her custody —often the mother—manipulates or produces symptoms in a kid.

Beata tragically committed suicide, leaving the Kowalski family worried and upset.  She had been so worried since she was disconnected from her daughter for more than 87 days and was subject to a court order restricting her access to Maya. The family described the nightmare journey they went through during Maya’s hospitalization in a heartbreaking new Netflix documentary titled “Take Care of Maya,” which was shown on June 19. AndersonGlenn LLP, a law practice with expertise in corporate and commercial litigation, admiralty, and personal injury law, has brought legal action against the hospital in response to the alleged abuse. The Kowalski family has set a September trial date and is requesting $165 million in penitentiary damages in addition to $55 million in compensatory damages.

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Misdiagnosis and medical history

Symptoms began appearing in Maya such as terrible migraines, asthma attacks, severe abrasion on her arms and legs, and cramping in her feet when she was nine years old. Maya’s parents did their research after no diagnosis could be made by neighborhood doctors. Beata, a registered nurse, thought her daughter might have CRPS; a Tampa expert named Dr. Anthony Kirkpatrick later checked the diagnosis. Maya received ketamine infusions from Dr. Kirkpatrick, who then suggested a contentious procedure known as a “ketamine coma.” The Kowalski family traveled to Mexico in 2015 to undergo the experimental procedure, despite the risks involved, to find a cure for their daughter’s excruciating pain. Maya initially responded favorably to the therapy, but after experiencing excruciating stomach discomfort, she was transported to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The medical staff informed child protective authorities about Maya’s CRPS diagnosis and the requirement for heavy dosages of ketamine, which ignited the charges of child abuse because of MSP.

One of the case’s most worrying elements, in Anderson’s opinion, was the hospital’s mistaken diagnosis of Munchausen by proxy, which caused Maya’s CRPS to worsen. He emphasized that if proper treatment and appropriate medication were given to Maya, Maya would not as suffer as she does now. The Kowalski family claims that Dr. Sally Smith, the child abuse pediatrician who looked into Maya’s case, was under fire throughout the incident. Despite Dr. Kirkpatrick’s confirmation that Maya had CRPS, Smith allegedly disregarded his advice and insisted that Maya was making up her symptoms. Beata was given a depressive mood and adjustment disorder diagnosis during this period because she was driven away from her daughter.

Smith commented on her heartbreak as a mother, he expressed her displeasure, saying: “I wish our society did more to help struggling families to provide safe, nurturing homes to their children. I’m not a big proponent of punitive approaches for such families, contrary to media portrayals about me.” In December 2021, Smith and the Suncoast Center settled with the Kowalski family regarding their portion of the lawsuit. Because Smith worked for the hospital’s child abuse division, Anderson holds Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital accountable for her acts. Even though the specifics were kept private, he said that Smith had resolved her case.

The defendants in the upcoming trial on September 11 will be the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and employee Cathy Bedy. The Kowalski family is hoping that this trial will provide them the chance to receive justice and bring to light the alleged cruelty they underwent. Anderson expressed appreciation for the Netflix documentary, which was essential in bringing attention to their predicament.

Currently, Maya, her father, and her brother all reside in Venice, Florida. The Kowalski family was in deep trauma as to what they have witnessed during the days Maya was confined to the hospital as the trial nears. In the years to come, Maya’s CRPS condition is predicted to get worse, and Jack, Kyle, and Maya herself will be affected long-term by the claimed mistreatment by Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.


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