James Demon, also known as YNW Melly – is a famous rapper who recently collaborated with Kayne West and Kodak Black on a rap song called “Murder on My Mind.”

YNW Melly’s double murder trial continues | Law and Crime

In October 2018, Melly, together with his friends, was enjoying the night together. Not until a tragedy happened – Melly’s friend, Cortlen Henry, rushed to the Miami area hospital, reporting that a drive-by shooting hit his friends. He told the doctors that they were bleeding out inside the car. According to the investigation, police found two people – Anthony Williams (21) and Christopher Thomas (19) with numerous gunshot wounds in the head and torso. Both were rushed to the hospital and were pronounced dead.

According to Henry, they went to a recording studio in Fort Lauderdale before the incident happened. When they left, a car pulled up beside them and started shooting them, Henry was able to duck and avoid the bullets but his friends were unable to. When the police responded to the case, they found no evidence that would point out the drive-by shooting incident. Officers continued to investigate and later found surveillance footage showing Melly, Henry, Williams, and Thomas together inside Henry’s car. After a series of investigations, police said that the victims had been shot a pin side the vehicle and not shot at. On February 2019, the police arrested Melly on charges of two counts of first-degree murder.

During the trial

During the first trial, the defense gestured for a mistrial when YNW Melly’s ex-girlfriend’s mother, Felicia Holmes, created an intense testimony against the court – saying that Holmes was put up on the stand to taint the jury and make their client looks terrible. The subsequent trial will resume on Tuesday.

Scot Peterson

Scot Peterson, a former school resource officer, is on trial for not following the active shooter training during the Parkland School Massacre on February 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Surveillance footage showed that Peterson remained outside the school while a shooting incident happened inside that killed 14 students and three staff members. Police charged him with seven counts of felony, child neglect, three counts of culpable negligence, and one count of perjury. His defense team had argued that he did nothing wrong. The court had called more survivors to testify against Peterson. According to Law and Crime, prosecutors are expected to rest their case by Wednesday, and the trial will resume on Tuesday.

Killing reptile theft

In October 2020, William Zelenski was accused of killing the reptile theft in Waupaca County, Wisconsin – Ryelee Manente. According to the investigations, Zelenski went over to a store and stole reptiles, one lizard that cost $17,000 and a crocodile that cost $2,000, along with some boa constrictors and pythons. During the investigation, Zelenski thought Manente was involved in theft, so he confronted him about it. However, the confrontation was unsuccessful because, according to Manente’s mother, her “son took off his shirt and wanted to fight Zelenski, but Zelenski got a gun and shot Manente to death.” The doorbell camera caught all of it, and the police charged Zelenski with first-degree intentional homicide; opening statements will start on Monday.

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