A restaurant in California was reported on Monday due to a violation committed against their employees.

California ‘shameless’ restaurant hired a fake priest to make their employees confess their sins | Law and Crime

On Monday, a restaurant was reported committing violations against their employees by spying on their sins using a fake priest. The U.S. Department of Labor announced the report. According to the report, this case was the most shameless they had ever dealt with. They have seen employers trying to scam every customer, but in this case – using a fake priest to make their employees admit their sins was the most shameless. Authorities have mentioned that this case concerned the owner the most, which runs Taqueria Girabaldi in two locations in Sacramento, California, and Roseville. The government said the owners and operators have agreed to pay $140,000 for back wages for the damage it had done to 35 employees and an additional $5,000 for civil money penalties.

Reports said that an employee testified against the restaurant, saying the restaurant offered a “priest” for sin confessions. The priest had told the employees to let out all their sins, the witness said. The “priest” will ask them numerous questions, like if they had stolen, did anything wrong for the company, or if they had bad intentions towards the company.

According to Law and Crime, the Department of Labor found out that the restaurant had been doing illegal things, such as paying off managers from the employee tip pool, threatening employees with retribution, and immigration problems.

The U.S. Department of Labor and the Solicitor’s Office will take immediate action to restore the damage caused by the restaurant and help employees clear their immigration status under the Act of Fair Labor Standards Act.

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