A teen ‘who would never have missed the opportunity to graduate’ went missing in Philadelphia before her graduation.

Search and Rescue for Shalaya Porter | CBS News

Mysterious disappearance

An 18-year-old teen, Shalaya Porter, went missing just before her graduation. She was last seen on June 5 on Fairmount Avenue in the Mill Creek neighborhood on June 5. The police are still seeking help to search and rescue Shalaya. According to the reports, Shalaya’s disappearance was mysterious, for she is known to have perfect attendance in school, and according to her family, Shalaya would have never missed an opportunity to graduate and go to college. The family is also making efforts to search for the disappearance of their daughter.

Shalaya was defined to be 5’6 in height and 120 lbs. She has brown eyes and black with a light brown complexion and a nose piercing — according to Law and Crime. It was also mentioned in the reports that Shalaya was known to use public transportation; even so, her disappearance and whereabouts are nowhere to be found. According to Shalaya’s aunt, this act of her — missing is involuntary. She told the authorities that Shalaya would not do this to her family.

Family members told the WCAU that her phone was left on her bed, and they found out her graduation was last Friday. She also has perfect attendance, and she was accepted at Morgan State University for college — her classes will begin this fall. Family members also repeatedly mentioned that Shalaya would not have missed her graduation because she was looking forward to graduating and going to college.

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