Jaylin Brazier

Police authorities said that the cousin of the 17-year-old teenager, whose dead body was found at a suburban Detroit landfill, was charged with first-degree murder.

Jayliz Brazier
Jaylin Brazier will face first-degree murder after his cousin’s body was found in a dumpster. (Photo: Clikc2Houston)

Remains of 17-Year-Old Teenager was Found at a Landfill

Dozens of police authorities searched a landfill wearing their protective suits, respirators, and goggles while picking through tons of rotting summer trash. They were searching for any traces of the remains of the 17-year-old teenager identified as Zion Foster.

In a published article in FOX News, the teenager’s body was found at a suburban Detroit landfill and they immediately conducted a thorough investigation. Jaylin Brazier, 24 years old and the victim’s cousin, served a brief prison sentence last year after admitting that he lied to the police, was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday.

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Suspect Admitted the Crime

According to a published article in ABC News,  Brazier admitted that Foster became unconscious while they were smoking marijuana at a Detroit house. However, he denied any allegations or accusations that involved him in Foster’s sudden death.

Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Elsey said, “She was put in the trunk of his car, and he disposed of her body in a dumpster. … This idea that this is just some innocent person standing here is not going to be beared out by the facts,” Brazier is now in jail and no bond is set for him.

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