On May 28, a Texas woman, a mother of three, was murdered by her ex-husband in Las Vegas.

Photo from KSNV

Nydia Lopez-Garcia, 37, mother of three children, went on a vacation in Las Vegas. She was reportedly killed by her ex-husband, Fernando Gomez, 42, in the MGM Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Police say the suspect killed the victim and injured himself after reporting it to the authorities. Authorities say that Gomez called for help saying his wife was dead. However, Gomez admitted to the police that he killed her by cutting her throat with glass.

Police stated that the suspect was guilty of killing the victim. The suspect and the victim separated last year after 14 years of marriage. But the suspect told the police that he killed his ex-wife after currently reconnecting with each other and arguing afterward. He had nothing to hide, police say. Fortunately, the children stayed in a different hotel room and did not witness such a horrible scene.

Even so, this will bring trauma and loneliness to the kids, knowing that their mother is dead and their father is responsible. According to Law and Crime, the children were brought and protected by Child Protective Services. Recently they were released to the care of Nydia’s sister, Candace Garza, who flew from Canada. According to the reports, Nydia was killed because of severe domestic violence. Garza says they are uncertain if the suspect was already in Las Vegas or if he followed the victim to Las Vegas. However, he did find her and killed her. This is difficult for Garza to keep the children in her custody since Gomez still has parental rights.

They are still not allowed to leave since jurisdictional processes have not yet been declared. Texas and Las Vegas judges are still communicating with each other about Nydia’s case and dor the jurisdiction that will allow Garza to leave the country with the children entirely. Garza also stated that she may not be able to provide financially for the children’s expenses because she hasn’t been working for weeks now. As of now, there is still no update on the situation.

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