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A vendor’s advocate may be a new term for those who are not well-versed in real estate matters. But they’ve been around for a while now, and recently have become a staple in Melbourne’s real estate world. So, if you’re looking to sell a home in today’s market, a vendor’s advocate may be the key to making your life easier. 

What Exactly Does a Vendor’s Advocate Do? 

A vendor’s advocate is first and foremost there to make sure a seller’s property is well positioned in the competitive market in terms of presentation and price and to help make sure the seller has the best agent in town representing them. 

Another thing that vendor advocates do is to ensure the real estate agent behaves as ethically as possible with buyers and the vendor themselves. They can leverage their real estate knowledge to get the most out of the agent, and the best value from the buyer, making sure the seller has an easy time with the process. 

The vendor’s advocate will do things such as staging your property, organising an advertising campaign to target the buyers you want, negotiating with buyers and ensuring your real estate agent is doing everything ethically. 

If you’re wondering how vendor advocates get paid, they take a percentage of the real estate agent’s commission once a sale is finished. This means you aren’t paying for the vendor’s advocate separately, and there’s no extra cost involved. 

What Are the Benefits of a Vendor’s Advocate? 

Now that you know what they do, here are the reasons many Melbournians are turning to Vendor Advocates more during the selling process.

They Can Find You a Great Real Estate Agent

A Vendor’s advocate can help a seller find a real estate agent who is suitable for their particular home and circumstances. As a seller, you want the best real estate agent for your needs, and good vendor advocacy can connect you with the right agent, so you. Don’t have to shop around or go with the first one you find. Real estate agents matter, they are the key to a sale going well, or dragging along. By helping you find the right agent, a vendor’s advocate can help the selling process move along smoothly. 

They Handle the Legalities

Vendor’s advocates can handle the legal side of the process, like the contract of sale, which can be tricky to deal with without the assistance of an expert. It can make a world of difference to you as a seller, when there’s a vendor advocate to assist you with the legal aspects. Legal matters can be difficult to navigate, but the right advocate can do so with grace and ease, educating you along the way. 

They Can Help You Get a Fair Price

It can be hard to get a fair price for a property without a professional representing the seller’s interests. This is where the vendor’s advocate comes in. By having them on hand to negotiate on your behalf, you can make sure you get a good price on your home. This begins well before the deal is made, it begins when a house is listed and presented so that the right buyer makes the right fit for the home. 

Choose the Best in Melbourne

When it comes to deciding on a vendor’s advocate in Melbourne, you can’t beat the team at Wakelin. They’re known for their ground efforts and experience in buying and selling successfully in a competitive market. Look into them now for the best in the business.

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