Delivery drivers of New York City mainly coming from Uber, DoorDash, and GrubHub are complaining because of the new minimum wage law for delivery drivers

Some are not happy upon knowing that delivery apps are going to pay $18 per hour for being active on the delivery app.

Most of the delivery drivers reasoned out that the new law is restricting their flexible time and giving most of them a hard time.


The delivery drivers in New York City mainly coming from Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub are complaining about the drastic effects caused to them by a law signed concerning delivery drivers (PHOTO: TechCrunch)

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Possible Adjustments Of The Delivery Drivers To The New Law

Delivery drivers in New York must earn a minimum wage of $18 dollar an hour based on the new law.

Some find the news very appealing, but delivery app owners projected that this could lead to the delivery drivers to worse off especially since most of them are independent contractors.

The flexible time of the delivery drivers would be disrupted because they will be forced to stay on the apps, based on the complaint of one of the delivery drivers to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.

One of the delivery drivers from UberEatswho had been in this job for 2 decades said that the law gives the delivery companies to control their schedules. These companies will require them to work anytime they wanted to, said the driver added.

One delivery driver who is working for both  Grubhub and DoorDash said in an interview that “We’re independent contractors, so all those benefits and hourly wages take away from the freedom.”

Some delivery drivers find it hard to adjust to the new law while others have already adapted to the new changes.

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