Three 6 Mafia rapper involved in an accident earlier this year, her cause of death was revealed.

Gangsta Boo’s death revealed | The Wrap

Memphis-area rapper

Lola Mitchell, the beloved hip hop artist, known as a member of Three 6 Mafia died on New Year’s Day around 2:00 pm. She was pronounced dead after being seen at a home in Memphis, lying unresponsive. According to the investigation, she consumed a lot of lethal cocktail of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol, which led to her death. Her fans and co-musicians mourned her death on social media, remembering her outstanding role as a woman rapper.

Her death brought shock to everyone who knows her. According to New York’s Daily News, one of her fellow rappers wrote a message that she was a real legend.

Gangsta Boo started appearing in tracks with other artists and formed a group called Three 6 Mafia. She started off her career and was known as one of the few female rappers in the world. Her cause of death was an accidental overdose.

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