In a highly publicized case that captured global attention, a California judge has dropped the sex charges against Dr. Grant Robicheaux, a well-known surgeon from Newport Beach who gained recognition through his appearance on the reality television series “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male.”

Photo from The Press Democrat

Sexual Assault Charges Dropped

Robicheaux’s girlfriend, Cerissa Riley, was also cleared of the same charges. The couple had been accused of sexually assaulting multiple women after allegedly drugging them.

According to court records from CBS News,  the dismissal of the assault charges, with the intent to commit a sexual offense, came after a preliminary hearing overseen by Superior Court Judge Michael Leversen. Judge Leversen concluded that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a trial on the sex charges. However, Robicheaux and Riley still face drug-related charges and are scheduled to make a court appearance on July 19. Robicheaux also faces an additional charge of possessing an assault weapon. Both defendants had previously entered pleas of not guilty.

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At the time of reporting, the state attorney general’s office, responsible for prosecuting the case, could not be reached for comment. Similarly, the attorneys representing Robicheaux and Riley declined to provide an immediate response to the judge’s decision.

The case initially gained widespread attention in 2018 when Robicheaux and Riley were initially charged in relation to multiple victims who allegedly experienced drug-induced incapacitation and subsequent sexual assault at the couple’s opulent residence in Newport Beach. The proceedings surrounding the case became entangled in a political dispute between Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer and his predecessor, Tony Rackauckas. Spitzer accused Rackauckas of mishandling the case for publicity purposes. Following Spitzer’s election and assumption of office, he moved to dismiss the charges against the couple due to insufficient evidence. Eventually, the case was transferred to the state attorney general’s office, which subsequently reduced the charges for prosecution.

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