Child Tax Credit

Democratic lawmakers are pushing for enhanced and permanent child tax credit that will help qualifying households to receive monthly payments.

Child tax credit
Lawmakers are pushing for a new enhanced child tax credit. (Photo: Chapman)

Proposed Child Tax Credit

An enhanced child tax credit was implemented during the pandemic to help millions of families face the financial effect of COVID-19. The enhanced child tax credit was part of the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act and there were many attempts in the previous months to extend the program.

In a published article in Yahoo News, Democratic lawmakers are once again pushing for the enhanced child tax credit with the same benefits during the pandemic. This will send monthly payments to qualified households an amount of $300 per month for each qualifying child under the age of 6.

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Lawmakers Believed that the Proposed Child Tax Credit Will Push Through

According to a published article in ROLL CALL, Democratic lawmakers who proposed the enhanced child tax credit believed that this will push through this time. Even though there was resistance coming from the Republican lawmakers, there is a sign that they will support the bill this time.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) said, “I think Republicans want to consider it as part of a compromise for the Democrats. We know that that’s like one of their top issues. This may be a bargaining chip that we can use,” Additionally, another Republican lawmaker from Indiana, Sen. Todd Young, said, “If it’s properly constructed and properly sized, you’ll find some interest on the Republican side in negotiating a tax package.”

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