Most people’s choice when transferring to Florida is Orlando or Boca Raton which these places are quite pricey. However, Florida has many reasonably priced neighborhoods that provide the security and conveniences of a more costly neighborhood. Discover the ten most affordable neighborhoods in Florida by reading based on Property Club.

Jacksonville in Florida (Source: Property Club)

5 Places Cheapest Place to Live in Florida

  1. Jacksonville – Jacksonville is the area of Florida with the cheapest place to live in. If you adore Florida, Jacksonville is among the least expensive cities to live in. The typical one-bedroom apartment costs $975. Prices here are likely to be considered as one of the cheapest places in most other places in the US. One of Florida’s cheap places to live with a decent lifestyle cost roughly $1,900 per month. There are many available shelters to choose from. Considering the low unemployment rate of the city Jacksonville makes it simple to find employment. If you need to commute for work, it is close to other large cities. Its entire area is among the largest of any American metropolis. You can watch a movie or take a nap on the beach in Jacksonville. Family-friendly attractions include a zoo, first-rate museums, and even a state park in this city. Jacksonville is accessible and full of every amenity imaginable. You can hang out at the beach either in the city or in outlying areas.
  1. Cape Coral – The city of Cape Coral, which is found in the state’s southwest, is the second-cheapest place to live in Florida. If one of your main considerations of places to live in is safe and secure, the lowest crime rates in the state. Cape Coral’s median price, at around $290,700, is lower than both the US and Florida norms. A single-bedroom apartment cost about $1300. Taxes in Cape Coral is lower than in others. The costs in Cape Coral are for groceries and transportation. Even so, prices here are likely to be cheapest than in most Florida towns. If you love beaches, you can always be near the sea in Cape Coral, which is renowned as the “Waterfront Wonderland” because of its complex network of canals. There are several places to eat and promenade in Cape Coral, which is close to Disney. If you enjoy fishing, you can even spend your days doing it.
  1. Gainesville – Gainesville is a reasonably priced city in Florida’s northern central region. One of the huge cities in Central Florida is Gainesville, home of renowned colleges Santa Fe College, and the University of Florida. Living in a large city while paying for something smaller is possible. Gainesville’s typical cost is around $210,000, which is cheaper places than Florida and the US norms. Single bed occupant costs roughly $1,100. The price of utilities is the only item that is pricey in Gainesville. Gainesville’s employment climate at the moment is its best feature. Particularly throughout the collegiate system, it is increasing exponentially. The employment rate in this city is quite low. You can also try hiking on different trails and public parks. You can also spend a day and be amazed by their museum.
  1. Dade City – is counted as one of the cheapest places in Florida to live in Dade City. If you work in the city, the commute is easy because it is close to Tampa. Dade City’s median price is roughly $179,500, which is significantly cheaper than Florida’s and the US average. In the city, a one-bedroom apartment should cost roughly $1,372. It’s a roomy, secure place to live. The employment search is made easier by Dade City’s large employer base. For access to professions and higher study, it is situated close to several significant universities. There are also outdoor parks and hiking trails to enjoy. There are also a lot of recommendable places to visit and enjoy food.
  1. Dunedin – One of the cheapest places to live in Florida is the quaint town of Dunedin. People looking for a relaxed way of life will enjoy the charming atmosphere this city offers its citizens. Any family will appreciate the great schools and low crime rates in this area. The average cost of a home in Dunedin right now is about $340,000 even though occupants are unpredictable. Typically, homes sell for around $245,000. A single-bedroom occupant cost roughly $1,100. Excellent utilities and transportation options are available in this community. It is one of the cheapest areas to live in Florida because almost everything is below the state average. Anyone can find leisure in this picture-perfect town, which offers everything from long golf courses to beaches with white sand.

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Other Places to Live in Florida with Low-cost Living

  1. Kissimmee – In addition to being one of the cheap places to live in Florida, Kissimmee is also a short distance from both Universal Studios and Disneyworld, the state’s two largest amusement parks. Living close to Orlando’s attractions can be enjoyed without having to worry about navigating the city’s daily traffic. The whole house could cost up to $265,000. In Kissimmee, bedroom rates are quite pricey about $1050 considering its location is nearby to other places. Kissimmee is a great spot to reside for commuting from work if you must work in the city. It combines value with affordability. You can travel by car to the Orlando tourist sites, but you can also have fun right here. Nightlife is a great pleasure in this place, you have a variety of choices of places to enjoy.
  1. Bartow – Bartow is located near the center of Florida, around 50 miles from both Orlando and Tampa. If you work outside of Bartow, the area’s accessible Polk County location makes commuting to work a breeze. In Bartow, a house typically costs around $240,000. The average cost of a single-bedroom apartment is around $900 which is reasonably cheaper than other national states. Even the airport is nearby for convenient access to transportation. Transportation accessibility makes the majority of the residents have their own homes, in addition to the high employment rates. Bartow offers a high standard of living. In Bartow, there are many interesting things to see and do. It contains many historical sites with beautiful architecture. State parks, theme parks, and museums are available nearby for a wonderful family day.
  1. Homosassa Springs – Near Tampa Bay, there is a town called Homosassa Springs. Even though it’s one of the more remote choices on this list, it’s still a great and cheap place in Florida to live for people who value some peace in their lives. Homosassa Springs has a typical property price of around $265,000. You may anticipate paying roughly $975 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is less than the US and national market average. It’s a reasonably priced area to live in. Homosassa Springs is among the most reasonably priced areas to reside in Florida due to its proximity to neighboring towns and its tranquil atmosphere. In Homosassa Springs, there are many enjoyable things to do. You can visit Weeki Wachee Springs State Park for a renowned mermaid performance or go snorkeling with lovely manatees. It’s a great place that relies heavily on tourists.
  1. Melbourne – Melbourne is situated close to Cape Canaveral on the Atlantic coast. There is a healthy balance of year-round residents and annual tourists in the area. In general, the population is older, but over time, younger groups have migrated there. About $335,000 is the median price of a property in Melbourne. A reasonable price for Florida is $1,300, which you can anticipate paying. At the very bottom of Florida, there is a prosperous area. Melbourne has both younger and older neighborhoods, giving you access to a variety of organizations your age. It’s one of Florida’s most adaptable locations and is getting more and more attention. In Melbourne, there are numerous activities to do. You can enjoy roaming around the theme park or the zoo. And you can also unwind through kayaking and other more things to enjoy.
  1. Edgewater – The city of Edgewater, which is the last stop, is situated on Florida’s eastern coast. Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral are nearby. One of the least expensive areas to live in Florida is Edgewater, a charming town. Although several properties in Edgewater sold for around $270,000, the median cost there is roughly $310,000. One of the most affordable rental costs in the state and the nation is expected to be $820.

Transportation in this place is very accessible. It boasts a low percentage of violent crime and provides many employment options for individuals looking for work. For individuals who want assistance going to and from venues, it also offers first-rate public transit. This place welcomes a single stayer or a family occupant. You’ll be close to the beach and about an hour’s drive from Orlando. For additional pleasure, Edgewater is close to several of Florida’s top campgrounds.

The ranking is based on living expenses, transportation costs and accessibility, and healthcare. Rental rates are based on average prices between January 2022 to January 2023 as well as the average prices of the properties.

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