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In the age of high-tech wizardry, you can buy pre-owned cars in UAE by visiting an online dealership. The procedure requires detailed research, insightful study, and plenty of time. Moreover, apart from all the preparations, there is always a possibility of being scammed by dishonest dealers. Thus, the UAE’s regulatory departments make the procedure convenient and safer. A buyer can accomplish plenty of things to prevent scams while purchasing a used automobile in the country. Therefore, in this post, we will guide you on how to avoid scams when buying pre-owned cars in the UAE.

One of the requirements for purchasing a pre-owned automobile is to be extra cautious and attentive. The procedure involves detailed research, careful evaluation, and plenty of time. Moreover, in addition to all the preparations, you should be cautious of all the automobile buying scams you can get caught in. That will ensure you are making the right choice and accurate judgments. Let’s start with the list of our scenarios, making it easy to understand how you can protect yourself from used car scams.

Highly Desirable Ads With No Real Information

When selling a pre-owned automobile, scammers typically give an overview of their automobile for sale with minimal to no details at all. That kind of scam consists of highly desirable ads promotion that seems extraordinarily attractive. But you will only discover that the most beneficial information about the automobile or the seller is not included. Thus, you should not buy pre-owned cars in UAE from them.

The automobile facts should always give the mileage, accident record, age, and all the aspects that show its condition and cost. It would help if you tried to look for as many factors as possible about the second-hand automobile before investing your time and cash. Any purchaser who showcases their used automobile in an ideal shape, almost like a new, is typically not giving all the facts. 

The Modifications of Odometer Scam

The Roads and Transport Authority is studying its current processes, which consist of discovering the instruments to reduce any odometer modifications for a scam. The odometer is a key indicator of an automobile’s value. It allows you to evaluate the number of kilometers driven by the automobile. Scammers might modify and revert the odometer plenty of times. Also, digital odometers can be modified. You can buy pre-owned cars in UAE while preventing the odometer scam with our guidance.

For these cases, you can enquire for a service report. The final maintenance date describes all the attributes of the automobile giving information on the kilometers traveled.

The ‘Pay Earlier Or Cash Payment Only’ Scam

Never make an advance payment or give cash before you obtain the automobile’s possession by RTA.

There is a great possibility that someone will scam the buyer, enquiring about the entire deposit amount of the automobile in advance. Thus, cash payment is not the only highly convenient procedure. It facilitates you in preventing taxes but also leads to many scamming opportunities by scammers. Moreover, you may be unable to recover your cash back as there won’t be any payment record.

Thus, you can successfully avoid this scam when you buy pre-owned cars in UAE because of our tips

Also, another method by which the scammers conduct their scamming is by showing the same automobile to several car purchasers and obtaining the payment in advance only to collect plenty of cash earned by the several buyers. Thus, prevent paying an advance payment until you have seen and met the seller at some reliable place. If you are a foreign purchaser and prefer to purchase a car, you should enquire for an authentic receipt and copy of your Emirates ID.

The Fake Car Maintenance Record

One of the primary aspects to inspect when purchasing a pre-owned car is its maintenance history. Always enquire for receipts from the previous few maintenance services to find out how many times the car has been serviced.

Most scammers state excuses similar to, “the automobile was serviced at various service stations, and there is no notable payment receipt or the service record.” In scenarios like these, you must enquire about three prior service centers they visited and then get the service record from the workshops by yourself. 

You can inspect automobile history in the UAE at the official Emirates Vehicle Gate. Moreover, you can do that with the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Dubai Police, or the RTA. 

The No Test Drive Scam

When purchasing a pre-owned automobile, a great technique is to conduct a test drive with an experienced friend or car engineer. There are times when scammers try to sell an automobile with simply some cosmetic repairs. The machinery sounds and general steering can tell plenty of facts about it. Thus, it would help if you got the car inspected by the automobile engineer to ensure the air conditioning, odometer, machinery, and every component are in perfect condition. Complete the deal only after the entire inspection. That’s how you can buy pre-owned cars for sale in UAE and avoid scams.

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