Many people in India going daily to a workplace prefer to ride a motorcycle that appears convenient and cost-effective. Despite having manifold transportation options available outside, still a large section of commuters like to ride a bike, and that too instead of a four-wheeler.

The transparent reason behind this is beating the city traffic and easily coming across the jam-packed condition during peak hours. Thus, to travel seamlessly towards the work location and other areas, nothing can beat the importance of a motorcycle.

One particular reason to invest in a motorcycle or even a two-wheeler for ladies is to save your transportation cost to an optimum level. It is due to the high mileage performance of a two-wheeler that is sure to save your money to an optimum extent. In addition to that, there are several ways you need to follow and maintain the optimum mileage capacity of the motorcycle.

So, here in this blog, you will come to know of five imperative ways to maintain the required mileage efficiency of your motorcycle.

Let’s get started on the same.

1. Service your motorcycle on a regular basis: One of the significant tips to increase the fuel efficiency of your existing bike is regular service and on-time maintenance. Continuously riding your motorcycle without changing the engine oil, buying spare parts online & changing them, and getting rid of stuck grease, & dirt will automatically affect the mileage capacity. As a result of this, you must drop your motorcycle for regular service and do the proper maintenance to ensure all the parts and engine working seamlessly. And further, experience the best mileage capacity.

2. Let your tires stay inflated: Checking tire pressure is an essential way to manage the overall mileage of your motorcycle. At times, daily commuters while getting late for the office or any other place forget to check the tire pressure. Therefore, deflated tires of motorcycles exert more power from the engine due to which mileage degrades to an optimum extent. To fix the issue, make sure to properly inflate the tires with the required air pressure and always check before starting riding.

3. Park your motorcycle in the shade: Did you know the fact that parking your motorcycle in harsh sunlight rays can lower your fuel inside the tank? It is because of the fact that harmful UV rays can slightly soak up the fuel left inside the tank of your motorcycle. As a result of this, being a rider you travel less within the available fuel. Thus, to increase the fuel-efficiency, you must park your vehicle under the shade.

4. Fill up good quality fuel: Sometimes, riders living in remote or semi-urban regions make use of unclean fuel available in local packaging at the nearby stores. Due to this, the engine running capacity gets deteriorated and mileage fluctuates towards the declining point. Not only this, usage of uncleaned fuel is further responsible for engine malfunctioning at any of the stages. To avoid all of this, it is imperative to use clean and certified fuel from a petrol pump to maintain the engine capacity along with the mileage of the motorcycle.

5. Turn off the engine at the signal: Keeping your motorcycle’s engine on standby mode while standing at the red signal is also a reason for low fuel efficiency. It happens when the engine is still in the start condition while using fuel at the same time. To prevent this, simply turn off the engine to save at least little fuel for the bike and travel seamlessly ahead.

To cater to such requirements of riders, the Hero Motocorp brand offers several bikes having i3S technology. With the help of this technology, the bike’s engine shuts down automatically after 30 seconds of standby position and starts immediately after pulling the clutch. Thus, you can buy online bikes belonging to this brand having fuel-efficient capacity and technology to save your hard-earned money.


Travel wide across the city distance and even outside on your selected choice of mileage-driven Hero motorcycle. Follow simple tips and tricks to improve the bike’s fuel efficiency and save your money to travel more with ease. Concerning the same, buy any Hero bike or scooter online at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. Moreover, you have the flexibility to buy genuine quality spare parts and accessories online on the same platform itself.