The ban on daytime homeless camping  started its implementation in Portland last Friday. As many observed, the policy is not likely to create change.

Even if the ban on homeless encampment legally started already, one would not notice it just by mere walking around Portland  as reported by New York Post.

As they say, the start of the implementation of the ban on homeless camping is not that noticeable.

Owners of the tents surrounding along sidewalks said that the new ban is not likely to produce meaningful change.

In an interview conducted by Fox News, the respondent who has been homeless since 90s told to the reporter that he’s tired of moving and that the authorities will have to make him move.

The ban on daytime homeless camping started its implementation in Portland last Friday. (PHOTO: KPIC)

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The Implementation Of The Ban On Homeless Encampment

The ban on homeless encampment was submitted by the city council and won with a 3-1 vote last month.

Its implementation started last July 7.

The ban allowed people to camp in nonrestricted areas only for 1 night provided that they will dismantle their tents every morning.

Starting 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, campers should not block the road to Portland businesses or sidewalks with tents.

Included in the ban is the prohibition of putting up tents in city parks or within 250 feet of a school, day care center or any city-operated homeless shelter.

Even if the ban had started already,but neither the city nor its police  have started enforcing it.

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