The City of El Monte, California will start to send $500 in direct payments to single mothers this June 30, and this will last for a year.

The City of El Monte, California will start to send $500 monthly direct payments. (Photo: FORBES)

$500 in Direct Monthly Payments for Single Mothers

A guaranteed direct monthly payment is very important for a specific group of people like single mothers to provide for the needs of their children. This is now the aim of the City of El Monte, California as they start to send $500 to the selected single mothers.

In a published article in The Washington Examiner, the selected single mothers who qualified for the monthly payments will start to receive $500 this June 30. They will receive this money through a debit card that they need to claim at El Monte City Hall.

Qualified single mothers need to attend an in-person presentation for them to know how to use the debit card or where and when to spend their $500 monthly payments.

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Who Qualified for this Program?

According to a published article in The Gazette, the application of this program for the single mothers started on March 27 and ended on April 15. The following were the qualifications:

  • Must live in El Monte
  • Be a single female head of household with no spouse or partner in the house
  • Have children younger than 17 years old
  • Applicants must also verify that their income is at or below the federal poverty line
  • Be able to show a need for financial assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Be able to submit documents verifying school enrollment, proof of residency, proof of income, and a government-issued identification card

Furthermore, additional information and updates of this program can be accessed through the official website of the City of El Monte.

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