On June 6, a 30-year-old man was arrested after a woman was identified dead on the lane of a highway.

Thomas Hanley | WMUR

New Hampshire

On June 5, midnight, the New Hampshire State Police immediately responded to a crime scene after receiving a call that a woman is found dead located in the lane of a highway. In a published news of True Crime Daily, the police described the woman as a 5-foot-1, 111 pounds, about 18-30 years old, strawberry blonde hair with fair white skin. She has a tattoo of a feather with birds flying from it. The lady was unable to identify by investigators at that time.

Later on revealed that the woman was identified as Gina Maiorano, 27, who died from major head injuries.

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Her death was still undetermined and investigation is still on-going. The suspect is named Thomas Hanley, 30. Police arrested Hanley, June 6, for further conduct after the incident, stalking, and breach of bail.

Maiorano’s aunt revealed on a post that Hanley is the father of her niece’s children.

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