Ya Gotti

It is mainly his masterpieces that make Yo Gotti famous. In addition to being a rapper, he is also a record leader and lyricist. Asking minds wanted to know how he achieved this degree of progress. But we can see that he is a hard worker who keeps grinding.

In this article, you will find out who Yo Gotti has signed with, past and present. You can read further to get more knowledge.

Who has Yo Gotti signed?

Until 2022, Yo Gotti is endorsed to Roc Nation and Collective Music gatherings. What you assist to know about mechanical rights of your music: tips and tricks you should read this next! During his extensive music career, he has been associated with several labels after which he ended his partnership.

When did Yo Gotti sign with rock Nation?

Rock nation’s Jay Z signed Gotti, the former King of Memphis and now CEO of Collective Music Group (formerly Cocaine Muzik Group), in 2016. Gotti was reported to have dropped two singles, “Weatherman”, featuring Kodak Black, and “Castro”, featuring 2 Chainz, Quavo, and Kanye West. He delivered Cocaine Muzik 9 in December 2016, which highlighted both songs.

Instagram photos shared by Gotti show a champagne celebration with Hov as he signs his official Rock Nation. One of their highly respected managers, Mel Carter, died in November 2016. Currently, it’s unclear if Gotti’s deal covers just him or all of CMG’s Memphis-based artists, including MoneyBagg Yo, Snootie Wild, and Black Youngsta.

Is Yo Gotti the owner of a collective music group?

Yes, Yo Gotti created Collective Music Group (also known as Cocaine Music Group and CMG Enterprises II Inc, according to HITC), and currently serves as CEO with his cousin as president of the label. Are given Signed by Wave-Chapelle, Snootie Wild, 42 Dugg, Moneybagg Yo, Blac Younsta, and Zed Zill.

Did Yo Gotti Sign Cash Money?

From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game, his debut album was released in 2000. He was formerly known as Lil U in the 90s. Self-explanatory was released in 2001. Zindagi was released in 2003. Back 2 Da Basics was released in 2006. Cocaine Mosaic was released in 2008. The Pyrex King: Street Runnaz Special Edition and CM2 were released in 2009. Cash Money’s website does not list U Gotti on their roster, which may suggest he is no longer with the label.

Was Yo Gotti signed to Epic Records?

Throughout his career, Yo Gotti received major label deals with Epic Records. After dropping his intrepid album less than a week ago, Yo Gotti has announced that he has opted out of his Epic Records deal. The Memphis-born rapper declared in February 2020 that he was out of the agreement as well as guaranteeing ownership of all of his master recordings.

Was Y Gotti Signed to Polo Ground Records?

Gotti was signed by Polo Grounds Music and RCA Records. Live from the Kitchen was Gotti’s major label debut, finishing a six-year break between studio albums. It was Gotti’s biggest commercial success but sold only 16000 copies in its first week and 36,000 copies in its first month, despite peaking at number 12 on the Billboard charts. He and the record label broke up over disappointing sales numbers. 

Was Yo Gotti signed to TVT Records?

Over time, Gotti acquired more and more prominence as a result of the momentum produced by h9’s early projects. Gotti’s first two albums Form the Dope Game 2 the Rap Game (2000) and Self-Explanatory (2001), released at the start of the new millennium, helped him establish a reputation that extended beyond Memphis alone. 

As a result, Gotti signed a deal with TVT, a record label that specialized in indie rock but was getting into hip-hop around the turn of the millennium. His studio debut Life (2003), the collaboration between Memphis legends Lil Jon and Gotti, continued to raise Gotti’s profile as a Memphis artist. 

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