Tax rebates

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill that will send an amount of up to $300 tax rebate for both single and married couples jointly filing together.

Tax rebates
Up to $300 tax rebates will be sent to taxpayers in Alabama. (Photo: Investopedia)

Up to $300 Tax Rebates for Taxpayers in Alabama

In this time of increasing inflation rate, American families and taxpayers in the country need an additional source of income and money to sustain their needs. This will also help them to meet their basic necessities and their daily needs.

In a published article in AOL, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill that includes tax rebates. In the state budget signed, it included a tax rebate of $150 for individual or single taxpayers and $300 for married couples jointly filing together.

Gov. Ivey said, “Thanks to the work of the Alabama Legislature, we continue making these wise investments while paying down debts, adding to our savings and returning the working people of Alabama’s money back to them through tax rebate.”

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Are You Qualified to Receive the Tax Rebates?

According to a published report in KIPLINGER, taxpayers who filed a state income tax return for 2021 on or before Oct. 17, 2022 will receive the Alabama tax rebates. On the other hand, those who don’t file a return or who are considered a dependent for another taxpayer in 2021 are not eligible for the tax rebates.

Furthermore, the Alabama Department of Revenue will start to issue the tax rebates on Nov. 30. The tax rebates will be sent either through direct deposit or via check.

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