A planned $100-million beachfront development in Galveston faces an uncertain future as the city’s planning commission has failed to grant an extension crucial for developers to obtain a construction permit.

$100 million Galveston project hangs on permit extension | Local News | The  Daily News
$100 million Galveston project hangs on permit extension | Local News | The Daily News

Tiara Project

In published news of SmartNews, the Tiara on the Beach project, a 10-story luxury high-rise comprising 63 units, would be the first on the island in 15 years. Originally slated for completion in 2025, the timeline has been pushed back to 2027, pending the city council’s approval of a planned-unit development extension in July.

Satya, a Houston-based commercial real estate consulting firm, is leading the ambitious project, envisioning it as the epitome of luxury on Galveston’s beachfront, with prices starting at $1 million per unit. However, at a recent planning commission meeting, the extension request was denied by a vote of 2-4. The commission’s decision is the second setback for the project, as the initial proposal was rejected in 2021 due to insufficient details.

The developers now face an urgent deadline of August 26 to secure a construction permit. However, they have requested an extension, pushing the permit deadline to December 2024. The construction completion date has also been adjusted to December 31, 2027. The final decision on these requests lies with the city council, which will determine in the July meeting.

The project’s fate hinges on the council’s verdict, as they can overturn the planning commission’s decision. The board has occasionally disregarded the commission’s recommendations, even approving a previously denied proposal in 2021.

Moreover, the city council recently amended the island’s construction restrictions to accommodate the Tiara project. This amendment permits the use of reinforced concrete within 200 feet of the vegetation line, specifically tailored to the development and any future repairs required. The council’s amendment is a scaled-down version of the initial proposal, encompassing the entire island.

The outcome of the $100 million Tiara on the Beach project hangs in the balance as the city council’s ruling in July will determine whether the developers receive the much-needed permit extension and can proceed with the ambitious Galveston beachfront venture.