Phelan recently announced the formation of a committee to study sustainable property tax relief.

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Forming Committee

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s dismissal of the Texas Senate’s property tax reduction plan has raised concerns during the ongoing special session of the 88th Legislature. The committee aims to thoroughly examine the issue and propose long-term solutions for sustainable property tax relief. One of the committee members, Democratic State Representative Chris Turner, emphasized the importance of considering public education in the discussions.

Since property taxes heavily contribute to funding Texas public schools, Turner believes education should be a key priority. The committee plans to investigate options such as appraisal caps, rate depreciation, and homestead exemptions to achieve lasting property tax reductions. Another significant aspect of the committee’s focus is the study of eliminating the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) tax rate portion, which supports school operations and construction.

The committee aims to alleviate the burden on property owners by exploring alternative funding mechanisms for public education. As for the possibility of the House reconvening before the special session concludes, Representative Turner expressed skepticism. He noted that the House had passed legislation aligned with the Governor’s agenda, leaving the Senate responsible for further action. Turner suggested Governor Abbott must display effective leadership and foster collaboration among all parties to break the legislative stalemate.

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Speaker Phelan’s establishment of the Select Study Committee on Sustainable Property Tax Relief reflects a commitment to thoroughly addressing property tax concerns in Texas. By considering various strategies and emphasizing public education funding, the committee strives to provide lasting relief to property owners while ensuring the continued support of public schools.

Resolving the current deadlock requires strong leadership and cooperation among all stakeholders involved.

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