A suburban Texas man murdered his 8-month pregnant sister by strangling her in the living room and hid the dead body in a field. Relatives were looking for the missing girl only to find out a suicide note that the killer faked.

Eduardo Arevalo, now 23 murdered her pregnant sister, Viridiana Arevalo, who was 8 months pregnant but unwed based on the report of Law&Crime.

The brother strangled his pregnant sister last December 16, 2019, while she was sitting in the living room of their house in The Colony, Dallas.

Eduardo was just 19 years old when he murdered his pregnant sister who was 23 at that time.

Eduardo wanted to make sure that his pregnant sister will not come back to life, so he wrapped her head with black duct tape.

The brother, then, dumped the dead body of his pregnant sister in the field away 40 miles away from their house.

Viridiana’s boyfriend reported to authorities about his missing 8-month-pregnant girlfriend.

Relatives of the victim were also looking for her but found a suicide note, which Eduardo admitted he faked it.


Eduardo admitted the crime he did and was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment. (PHOTO: Law&Crime)

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Eduardo Became The Main Suspect On The Death Of His Pregnant Sister

Eduardo, a few days after the murder, picked up the body of his pregnant sister from the field and dumped her again.

Last December 22, 2019, neighbors found the dead body of Viridiana behind their own homes.

Surveillance footage was reviewed by authorities, according to Law&Crime, and Eduardo became the only suspect in the death of an 8-month-old pregnant woman.

According to authorities, Eduardo killed his pregnant sister because she gave embarrassment to the family.

Eduardo admitted the crime he did and was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment.

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