New Bill for the Taxes of EVs

According to news released by TCD, on May 31, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a legislative proposal requiring every electric vehicle owner to pay $200 annually. And obliging new owners of electric vehicles to a one-time payment that serves as registration of their cars in addition. The law shall take effect on September 1, 2023.

The goal of the new legislative proposal is to recover the lost taxes of the electric vehicle for not purchasing gasoline, the taxes that the government gets from buying pricey gasoline have been observed to go down. Texas has been using these taxes for road repairs and improvement and even schools can benefit from the government taxes through school buildings, laboratory equipment, facilities, etc.

At present the state has already counted 200,000 electric vehicles on the road. With an additional 30,000 EVs added for this year. In the implementation of the bill, the government will approximately earn $38 million per year intended for the repair and maintenance of the roads and highways.

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What is the Importance of the Bill?

Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages to offer to end-users and the planet. The use of EVs can hugely reduce the air and noise pollution brought by regular vehicles using gasoline. It also reduces carbon emissions and planet-overheating gas pollution, economical, and big savings for the end-user.

End-users suggest that the $200 annual fee is too high. Dylan Jaff, in charge of Consumer Reports Policy Analyst, stated that the bill will not solve the problem of funding road and highway repair and maintenance. He added that consumers must not be punished for choosing a car that saves money as well as mother earth. The fees that will be collected in the proposed bill are not enough in funding the road repairs and maintenance.

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