Many Nebraskans are now facing struggles and burdens with the Byzantine tax system.

EPIC could be the solution

EPIC Option might be the solution to Nebraska’s broken tax system!

Nebraska’s rating in tax burden is now 38th out of 50 States in the U.S. Only 60% of the population in Nebraska supported a tax system change that is increasing. The recent tax-cut legislation brought joviality to Nebraskan but eventually got back down when they received new property evaluations – raising the property taxes in which others do not accept any increase. Even so, the EPIC Option will look up to this issue and deliver a change in where taxes will be collected but brings burden even more. EPIC Option is creating more fairness and cutting back immunities in revenue collection.

The EPIC Option will promote an essential way to eliminate the five (5) taxes; Income, Property, Corporate, Inheritance, and Sales. This option will ensure that the taxes will not increase or decrease the amount collected in taxes but ensure fairness and economic development. According to the SunTelegraph’s article, Mark Bonkiewicz showed up at Dude’s Steakhouse in Sydney, where he prepared a presentation about the program EPIC Option. The weather was not good, and since it was evening, only a few people attended the program. Thus, you can ensure that they were very attentive to Mark. According to Mark, EPIC Option’s program and challenges were getting enacted.

The EPIC Option ensures the citizens that the benefit will be given to taxpayers and not the tax collectors. This agenda was presented by Senator Steve Erdman to the Revenue Committee in January. Redman also introduced the EPIC Option to other five Senators in February which was directly endorsed to another legislative council. Currently, the EPIC Option members are now managing their petition drive to guarantee Nebraskans that they will have the EPIC Option on their ballots this coming 2024. Over 160,000 signatures are required and 5% of 38 counties should be embodied. For additional transmission, refer to this link.

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