SNAP Benefits

A state legislature could gain easier access by applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in Alaska.

SNAP Benefits
SNAP Benefits application process in Alaska will become easier. (Photo: MARCA)

Bill Introduced to Make SNAP Application Easier

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has helped millions of American families across the country to meet their daily needs and buy nutritious foods. It typically helped those who belong to low-income households and those who are eligible for the program.

In a published article in The Washington Examiner, the new bill proposed by Democratic Rep. Genevieve Mina streamline the applications for SNAP benefits and ease its requirements. The bill states that those who qualify for other kinds of benefit programs already would automatically be eligible for SNAP benefits.

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Rep. Mina’s Statement About Her Proposed New SNAP Benefits Bill

According to a published article in The Gazette, Mina said, “I think that broad-based categorical eligibility is a great approach to address a lot of the structural issues in the SNAP program in the long term. It’s not going to be a fix for the current backlog that we’re facing.”

She also added, “But even if we are able to remove one component of the application process, which is the asset test, I think that also will help folks at DPA and our eligibility techs be able to approve applications on a more streamlined basis.”

This type of eligibility is no longer new in the country. There are 44 states which are implementing this and this is called “broad-based categorical eligibility,” This means that those who do not qualify for the SNAP benefits for BBCE can apply for the benefits under the regular program rule.

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