The search for a missing man, Ramon Mendoza, in Fresno County’s canal area has entered its third day, with authorities redoubling their efforts to find him.

Search continues for missing man in Fresno County canal - ABC30 Fresno
Search continues for missing man | ABC30 News

Fresno County

The individual in question is Ramon Mendoza, a 53-year-old man who disappeared near the Enterprise Canal close to the Friant-Kern Canal. According to reports, Ramon Mendoza went out on Saturday evening around 8 pm in search of a lost shoe, prompting growing concern among his family. In response to the distressing situation, Ramon Mendoza’s family initiated an investigation, kickstarting a two-day search operation. However, due to the limited visibility at night, divers and the Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) could not venture into the water on Saturday, SmartNews stated. Despite extensive efforts, including thorough inspections of the canal banks and aerial surveillance with a drone, no significant breakthroughs about Ramon Mendoza were made.

The search for Ramon Mendoza resumed on Sunday, with trained divers and the ROV enlisted to aid the mission. Complicating matters, Ramon Mendoza’s bicycle was discovered near a tunnel beneath the Friant-Kern Canal, posing additional challenges to the search operation. To overcome these hurdles, the Fresno Irrigation District deployed an excavator to clear potential entanglement risks and temporarily reduce the water level. On Monday, a brief two-hour halt in the water flow facilitated the entry of search teams into the canal. These dedicated crews meticulously combed the area, removing debris and employing the ROV technology.

However, as the water flow was reinstated, the search remains ongoing, with authorities committed to employing all available resources in their urgent quest to locate Ramon Mendoza. As the search effort perseveres, the teams have an unwavering optimism that their collective determination will lead to a breakthrough and bring Ramon Mendoza back to safety. The tireless commitment of these search teams underscores the gravity of the situation and the unwavering resolve of a message.

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