Freshman Republican Senator Eric Schmitt is celebrating a significant legal victory as the Supreme Court sides with his argument, striking down President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

Republican Senator who led charge to ax Biden's $400billion student loan forgiveness calls it a '
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Sen. Eric Argues

Schmitt, previously serving as Missouri attorney general, raised concerns about the potential “irreparable harm” to student loan agencies caused by Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness plan. Schmitt strongly criticizes Biden’s approach to student loan forgiveness, denouncing it as a “cheap political ploy” lacking proper legal authority. He argues that a mere stroke of the pen cannot justify the unilateral decision to write off half a trillion dollars in student loan debt. Schmitt firmly believes that Congress should be responsible for making such consequential decisions, asserting that the Biden plan would have faced significant challenges in gaining legislative approval. In a final opinion before their summer recess, the Supreme Court struck down Biden’s long-awaited student loan forgiveness program, which aimed to provide debt relief of up to $20,000 per borrower, with an estimated cost of around $400 billion.

Echoing Schmitt’s sentiment, Democratic challenger Robert F. Kennedy blames Biden for failing to collaborate with Congress on student loan forgiveness. Kennedy accuses Biden of offering a plan that created the illusion of action while achieving nothing substantial for those burdened by student loan debt. Despite this setback, Biden is considering alternative pathways for student loan forgiveness. He is exploring options within the framework of the Higher Education Act, which would require congressional approval for significant debt relief measures. Additionally, Biden’s administration has proposed an overhaul of income-driven repayment plans, which could provide student loan forgiveness after a designated period.

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Schmitt urges Biden to abandon workarounds and prioritize transparency in student loan forgiveness programs. He emphasizes ensuring that higher education remains accessible to working-class individuals while demanding greater accountability from universities regarding the ever-increasing student loan debt burden. As the debate surrounding student loan forgiveness intensifies, the Supreme Court’s ruling is a significant development. The decision challenges the executive authority to enact broad-scale debt relief and highlights the importance of congressional involvement in shaping student loan forgiveness policies. The ongoing discussions and proposals for student loan forgiveness demonstrate the pressing need for a comprehensive solution to address the burdens borrowers face nationwide.

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