In the report released by Law and Crime, the former CEO of Dippin’ Dots, got arrested after choking his girlfriend caught by the police drunk and naked.

Scott Fischer choked and punched his girlfriend in June 2023, according to police. (Mugshot: Oklahoma County Jail)

The Narrative of the Attack

Former CEO of Dippin’ Dots Scott Fischer, 43 years old, was charged with domestic violence by strangulation, public intoxication, indecent exposure, and interfering with an emergency call after he was arrested naked and unsteady on his feet and in the full influence of alcohol.

Fischer went home drunk from work. He and his girlfriend were in a quarrel about Fischer’s drinking habits that got worsened in previous weeks. At 5:45 p.m., Fischer undressed himself and went to bed. However, six hours later, her girlfriend tried to pull up again the topic that made Fischer upset.

He stood up from the bed and grabbed her girlfriend choking her. Her girlfriend tried to escape from him by slapping him. She was able to escape from choking, she immediately ran into the living room and was later caught by him. Fischer allegedly threw her on the couch and punched her chest. The girlfriend managed to contact 911 but Fischer intervened in the call. She eventually managed to escape the incident.

Police Officers’ Released Statements in the Investigation

Officers stated that they arrived at Fischer’s place completely naked with a blank expression on his face. They added that he smelled strongly of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet. Officers claimed that they also found several drops of blood on the cushions when Fischer was punching his girlfriend in the living room.

Fischer was already arrested before for allegedly crashing a powerline pole, under the full influence of alcohol while driving. And he was sued by her ex-girlfriend in 2021 for humiliating and blackmailing her.