The City of Ann Arbor established a program providing a guaranteed monthly income of $530 for selected citizens.

Ann Arbor offered $530 guaranteed monthly income for selected residents | ClickOnDetroit

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The City Council of Michigan approved the pilot program and partnered with the University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions Department to provide $1.6 million for American Rescue Plan funds for over 100 families or residents selected. The department will perform a study observing and analyzing the effect that the community can have.

The program will mostly focus on low-and-moderate-income families with a unique emphasis on entrepreneurs

The City also has a non-profit organization like the Community Action Network that will help connect and find potential families fit for the program.

How to apply?

According to City Council member Linh Song, they are looking for outcomes in their city to make sure their residents will stay in their community, and providing help funds could make a real difference for families who are facing displacement.

The program was approved by the City Council on Monday, June 5, and will start depositing its checks to be delivered in January 2024. If ever, this kind of program will be the first program ever to happen in the City of Michigan.

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