A 42-year-old man from Dover, Pennsylvania, was arrested after killing her mother-in-law by wrapping her head with duct tape and strangulation.

Photo from Law and Crime

According to a report by Regional Police, a call for help from one of the residents at 79 South Main Street was immediately responded to by the officers.

Police tried to speak with the suspect, William Gautier, and his wife behind him, but ended up getting hit by a fence and Gautier’s fists. The wife behind was asked by police officers after mouthing a call for help.

During the confrontation and investigation, the suspect intentionally spat at an officer and broke one of the cameras, according to True Crime Daily.

Gautier’s wife had called help and police went inside to investigate. The suspect restrained and resisted the investigation. When the police arrived in the bedroom, they found a dead woman, stabbed in her back with scissors, strangled, and her head wrapped with duct tape.

Cause of death

After several encounters and procedures, officials identified the woman as Lourdes Ramos Baez and died because of a severe neck injury and blunt head injury with strangulation.

According to the suspect’s wife, earlier that day, her husband went haywire and started yelling out at her mother. She called their children and guided them to the back waiting for the commotion to end. Hours later since they’d gone out, she could still hear the yelling inside. She added up the statement that her husband had told her; to kill her mother and steal the money.

William Gautier ended up in jail with multiple charges; criminal homicide, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, terroristic threats, aggravated assault, and abuse of a corpse.

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