In a tragic turn of events, Brittany Nicole Holbrook, a woman from the Florida Keys, now faces second-degree murder charges for the death of her boyfriend, Tyler Kinnon Nulisch.

Brittany Nicole Holbrook ranted out gutting ex: Friend
Brittany Nicole Holbrook ranted out gutting ex: Friend | Law and Crime

Gutting Ex

Shockingly, a close friend of the victim provided a chilling testimony revealing that Holbrook had engaged in an alarming rant about her ex-partner, shedding light on her unpredictable behavior. According to Jessica Stiegel, a friend acquainted with Holbrook and Nulisch, the accused generally appeared amiable, except when alcohol was involved. Stiegel shared, “Most of the time, she seemed perfectly normal, but whenever she drank, it was like a switch flipped, and she would transform into a completely different person—screaming, throwing things, and even resorting to violence against Tyler.”

On June 17, tragedy struck following a night of drinking among Holbrook, Nulisch, and their roommate. Disturbingly, two days before the incident, Holbrook reportedly spent time with a woman associated with one of Nulisch’s friends, Law and Crime mentioned. Under the influence of alcohol, Holbrook allegedly made a profoundly troubling threat, as recounted by Stiegel: “I’m going to kill him, take a knife, and gut him from his stomach up to his throat.”

The motive behind Holbrook’s intense anger towards her ex-boyfriend remains unclear. Stiegel, emphasizing the shocking nature of the threats, likened Holbrook’s description to gutting a deer.

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Authorities received an urgent call at 2:45 a.m., leading them to the shared residence of Holbrook and Nulisch on Big Coppitt Key. They discovered Nulisch bleeding from a lower back wound. Despite initial signs of life, Nulisch tragically succumbed to his injuries at Lower Keys Medical Center.

Currently held in a Monroe County jail on a $75,000 bond, Holbrook awaits her arraignment, scheduled for Wednesday. The charges brought against her are second-degree murder without premeditation. As the investigation unfolds, family and friends grapple with the loss of a seemingly idyllic couple, searching for answers and finding solace amid this devastating tragedy.