Police are still looking for the lead to a mass shooting in Baltimore, Maryland last Sunday morning that injured many civilians and caused multiple fatalities.

The mass shooting happened in Brooklyn Homes, South Baltimore during a gathering based on the Fox News.

Rich Worley, the acting commissioner of Baltimore police, confirmed that 30 people were shot resulting in three victims in critical condition and two fatalities.

Police and medics responded to the mass shooting scene at around 12:30 AM at 800 blk. Gretna Avenue.

Police are still looking for the lead to a mass shooting in Baltimore, Maryland. (PHOTO: AP News)

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30 People Shot  In Baltimore

Some victims of the mass shooting were brought to the hospital by the medics while others went there by themselves.

The suspect, as reported by the police, opened fire during the block party hitting 30 people.

Brandon Scott, the mayor of Baltimore, said in a news conference, “This investigation is ongoing, and our homicide detectives will continue to work until they find out what happened here but what we do know this morning is this is a reckless cowardly act that has happened here and has permanently altered many lives and cost two people their lives.”

Until now, the suspect was not yet taken into custody because the mass shooting incident is still under investigation and Baltimore police are looking for more leads.

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