A 67-year-old man pleads guilty after killing a woman in 1987.

Kirby King | Photo: ABC17NEWS

Man pleads guilty of a cold case

An old case from 1987 reopened after Kirby King pleaded guilty to killing a young woman whose neck and wrists were tied and body was found in a remote area in the woods.

On June 2, King was charged by prosecutors a second-degree murder – felonious restraint and manslaughter of a 22-year-old young woman named Karla Delcour after pleading guilty of killing the woman.

Cause of death

According to investigators on True Crime Daily’s of the case, Delcour’s body was found dead in a wooded area near Iron Hill Road in Union. Her wrists and neck were tied to her body and her cause of death was from ligature strangulation. The body was concluded to be in a state of decomposition.

Despite being investigated, no one was arrested since there were no potential suspects at that time. Her case immediately went cold after investigators found no witnesses and suspects. In 2018, the detectives of Franklin County Cold Case responded and reopened Karla’s case which went over to several States seeking an investigation of witnesses and potential suspects. However, King was arrested in December 23, 2019.

In the first arrest of King, he denied the accusations of the Police but later on revealed and pleaded guilty into killing Karla Delcour.

July 12, 2023 – Kirby King will be sentenced.

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