McNeil Park Apartments in Copenhagen is an income-based apartment mainly intended for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The new management of the apartment applied for a Covid-19 Community Development Block Grant making its units now in better condition.

Copenhagen Happy Acres Housing Fund purchased  McNeil Park Apartments in 2020 that was in state of despair at that time.

After the purchase, the said Park Apartments was managed Snow Belt Housing Company and applied for a grant under Covid-19 Community Development Block.

With this grant, McNeil Park Apartments in Copenhagen went under repair based on the report of Public News Service.

Copenhagen Happy Acres Housing Fund purchased McNeil Park Apartments in 2020. (PHOTO: Watertown Daily Times)

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The Benefits Of Availing The Grant

Covid-19 Community Development Block Grant made the park apartments in a better condition.

Jaylyn Heames, the Executive Director of Snow Belt in an interview with Public News Service, said that repairs will not happen had the grant did not come through.

The  repaired park apartments is a way of relieving new York’s rural rice-friendly housing shortage.

Heames further explained that  the grant also aided to  keep repair costs low, especially that  major repairs has to be made right away.

Inspections are regularly conducted to check repairs that has to be addressed immediately. With the major renovations done to the park apartments, residents will surely say that staying here really feels like home.

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