New York man

A New York man was arrested and pleaded guilty to stabbing 54 times that led to the death of his ex-girlfriend including in the face, head, and neck.

New York man
New York man stabbed to death his ex-girlfriend. (Photo: Law & Crime)

New York Man Stabbed to Death His Girlfriend

A New York man stabbed to death 54 times his ex-girlfriend after their verbal altercation that happened in 2021. Police authorities identified the suspect as Kason Parker, 35 years old, while his girlfriend was Meghan Kiefer, 21 years old.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, Kiefer planned to go shopping with her friends on October 23, 2021. She drove to Parker’s home to get her credit card. According to Kiefer’s friend, who was inside the car with her twins, she saw the two having a verbal argument on the front porch.

When Kiefer went back to the car, Parker pulled her and started stabbing her with a knife. Kiefer’s friend saw her on the ground covered with blood and she tried to help her but the suspect started running after her. She then called 911 and told the officers about what happened.

Victim Got 54 Stabs, Suspect Was Arrested

According to a published article on the website of Suffolk County, Police authorities responded to the crime scene and rushed the victim to Stony Brook University Hospital. However, Kiefer went into cardiac arrest and died minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Furthermore, the Suffolk County Police found that Parker, the suspect, planned to take a bus from New York City to North Carolina. He was then arrested at his destination and he was found to have bandage on his hand due to a massive laceration inside his palm. Needless to say, after he pleaded guilty, the Long Island judge sentenced him to life in prison.

By Neil