A man in the viral video spraying a mentally ill homeless woman receives  35 hours of community service at Third Baptist Church.

A mentally ill homeless woman had been sprayed with a garden hose by a man outside his house at a San Francisco art gallery. This can be seen in a viral video.

Collier Gwin, an owner of the art gallery avoids jail by rendering 35 hours of community service to the Third Baptist Church.

Just this week, a judge approved that Gwin will render community service at the church with civil rights leader Rev. Amos Brown.

The pretrial decision on the man on the viral video is a sensible resolution according to San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

A man on the viral video spraying a mentally ill homeless woman. (PHOTO: Daily  Mail)

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The Homeless Woman And The Man In The Viral Video

Before the spraying incident that can be seen in the viral video, the emergency management office received multiple calls informing about homelessness.

Neighbors of Gwin would describe the homeless woman as mentally ill and she is scaring and offending customers.

People who made the call were frustrated with getting help from police and social services agencies.

But since the incident had already happened, Gwin said to Law & Crime that he would make amends to make himself better and would continue helping the woman.

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