A 67-year old Chicago man allegedly shot his wife eight times and his daughter. (PHOTO: People)

A 67-year old Chicago man allegedly shot his wife eight times and his daughter that caused their death and his son wounded.

A Chicago man killed his wife and his daughter at their home in Little Village and wounded his son according to NBC Chicago.

Jose Alvarez, the alleged killer of his wife and daughter, was faced with first-degree murder, attempted murder  and aggravated battery from discharging a firearm based on the report of ABC 7 Chicago.

The man killed his  wife , Karina Gonzales, a week after the wife filed for an order of protection against Alvarez.

ABC 7 Chicago reported that last June 21, that Gonzales obtained a protection order against Alvarez but was not served because he was not at home when the order was served.

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Reason Why Man Killed His Wife


Gonzales, shot by his husband eight times, Daniela, their daughter that also been killed by her husband and Emmanuel who was wounded due to gunshot. (PHOTO: People)

killed his wife because he accused her of cheating him. In the peak of their quarrel, Emmanuel Alvarez, the couple’s 18-year old son asked his father to stop or he would call the police.

This triggered Alvarez to get a gun and shot Gonzalez eight times and Daniela, their 15-year old daughter in the living room as reported by the police.

Their son, Emmanuel, had also been shot but was only wounded because he was able to ran outside the house.

The wife died at the crime scene while Daniela had been brought to the hospital and eventually died.

The court declared that  Alvarez could not avail any bail.

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